Department of Rehabilitation

Ever since 1995, SAFI is working for the rehabilitation of people with special needs. The agency concentrates on the rehabilitation of children and adults who are mentally challenged and people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. This is being done through community interventions and institutional care.

1. Community Based Rehabilitation

SAFI has greatly contributed in the area of community based rehabilitation of individuals with special needs in training them for developing daily living skills and supporting them for social adaptability and self-reliance. UNESCO and WHO defines community based rehabilitation as a strategy to rehabilitate persons with special needs by providing equal opportunities and social integration of children and adults with different abilities. It is implemented through the combined efforts of persons with special needs, their families, communities and different service providers. SAFI has been working in this area effectively partnering with state governments and other funding organizations.

The State Government of Kerala has implemented several schemes like pensions, scholarships and subsidies for the welfare and rehabilitation of people who are differently abled. These schemes are not any concessions from the part of the governments, but the right of the concerned people. So SAFI makes effective interventions by passing on information regarding these schemes to the concerned individuals and groups through group gatherings, classes and leaflets and through advocacy before concerned authorities.

SAFI supports children below the age of 25and are differently abled, for school and college education, special education, vocational training, job-oriented courses, surgeries, medical treatment, and different therapies etc. in partnership Liliane Fonds, Netherlands through CHAI-LF, Secunderabad. SAFI also supports children below the age of 16 who are from economically poor families, for their treatment and surgeries of heart and kidney which is being funded by UMMI-FIB.

2. Institution Based Rehabilitation

a. Kripa Bhavan, Kottanellur

Kripabhavan is the residential centre for the children of Ashanilayam special school at Kottanellur established in memory of Varuthunny Vadakkan, Mala. . In the centre the children are given training on activities of daily living. 18 students are being taken care of here in Kripa Bhavan.

b. Navachaithanya Drug Awareness Counselling and Assistance Centre, Aloor

SAFI has been working for the De-addiction and Rehabilitation of people who are addicted to drug and alcoholism since 1991. Alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse have become common phenomena in Kerala among all sections of the society. These evils lead to deterioration of the physical, mental, social and economic health of the community and several issues in the society like motor vehicle accidents, criminal activities, suicides, psychiatric disorders, breaking up of family relationships etc. Navachaithanya Drug Awareness Counseling and Assistance Centre was established at Aloor to address this issue of alcoholism and to lead individuals, families and the community to a healthy life. Since then through the activities of Navachaithanya hundreds of people have recovered from addiction and began to lead a normal life. Navachaithanya works through a week-long de-addiction camp for those who are addicts, counseling services to the clients and the family members, follow-up gatherings, formation of AA groups, awareness programs, house visits, telephone calls etc. The centre also undertakes awareness classes in schools, colleges and communities.

For more details Contact: The Director @ 0480-2720772

c. Sanjo Sadan Ayurvedic Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts, Anandapuram

Drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting takes more than good intentions or a strong will. In fact, because drugs change the brain in ways that foster compulsive drug abuse, quitting is difficult, even for those who are ready to do so. Through scientific advances, we know more about how drugs work in the brain than ever, and we also know that drug addiction can be successfully treated to help people to stop abusing drugs and lead productive lives. Social Action Forum Irinjalakuda, to fight against this endemic disease stepped into the area of de addiction and rehabilitation as part of the activities of Navachaithanya and this centre was established in 1994 at Anandapuram. Sanjo Sadan has served thousands of individuals with addiction and reached out to their families through treatment, counseling and other services. It has been instrumental in bringing about significant changes in the lives of many.

For more details Contact: The Director @ 0480-2881895, 2882254

d. Sanjo Industrial Training and Production centre, Ashtamichira

Sanjo Industrial Training and Production centre Ashtamichira was initially started as training centre to give technical training to children of Balaabhavan Childrens’ Home. Later although it was open to public, the training centre had to be closed down due to decreasing number of students. So the unit was turned into a production center for manufacturing wooden building materials and traditional and modern furniture. The unit is popular for its quality and is approved by the general public as a model unit. There are 30 dedicated workers supervised by 3 staff members. The profit from the unit is utilized for the training and education of the mentally challenged children of Asanilayam and Kripa Bhavan at Kottanelloor and for the Santhome Special School at Kodungalloor and also for the charitable works of Social Action Forum Irinjalakuda.

For more Details Contact: 0480-2890481