Navachaithanya Drug Awareness Counselling and Assistance Centre, Aloor

SAFI has been working for the De-addiction and Rehabilitation of people who are addicted to drug and alcoholism since 1991. Alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse have become common phenomena in Kerala among all sections of the society. These evils lead to deterioration of the physical, mental, social and economic health of the community and several issues in the society like motor vehicle accidents, criminal activities, suicides, psychiatric disorders, breaking up of family relationships etc. Navachaithanya Drug Awareness Counseling and Assistance Centre was established at Aloor to address this issue of alcoholism and to lead individuals, families and the community to a healthy life. Since then through the activities of Navachaithanya hundreds of people have recovered from addiction and began to lead a normal life. Navachaithanya works through a week-long de-addiction camp for those who are addicts, counseling services to the clients and the family members, follow-up gatherings, formation of AA groups, awareness programs, house visits, telephone calls etc. The centre also undertakes awareness classes in schools, colleges and communities.

For more details Contact: The Director @ 0480-2720772